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About Us

Millennial Broker  – brings all of the positives of a personalised broker without the impersonal and often negative aspects of dealing directly with banks.

At Millennial Broker the finance package put together by our skilled team of professionals is tailored to the client’s needs. We work hard to find the best possible deal by shopping around and negotiating with many different lenders on the client’s behalf saving time and money.

Our Mortgage Brokers closely assess every client’s financial goals to establish a long-term financial strategy that will provide the foundation for future prosperity. Getting the right advice at the start helps

Getting the right advice at the start helps to ensure financial stability which is an important part of achieving every client’s financial goals.

Our Expert Team

Justin Abbot

Director & Finance Manager
Dip FP & Dip FB

Andrew Kininmonth

Finance Broker

Jaime McCarroll

Assistant to Justin Abbot